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  1. JOHNY ALM says:

    My abundant thanks for your dedicated work!

  2. Victor says:

    With Jupiter in Virgo tenth house for this Scorpio, a Portuguese union organizer asked me to take charge of the organization here in Toronto. Additionally, Virgo a health sign was where the union organizers operated successfully.

  3. Lorrie U says:

    This five planets in Virgo thanks you for your post! I always love the graphics you use along with your incredible insight.

  4. John "LiberArtos" Sanger says:

    The way you relate history to astrology is enlightening in itself. I commend you for continuing with your work in lieu of your fathers recent passing. I am sure he is smiling down on you and your Chelas deeply appreciate it. LiberArtos.

  5. adam says:

    Hi Phillip,

    Great Virgo post! I enjoyed your analysis of Portugal and its relationship to Brazil through the Rays. If I may, I would like to offer a slightly different view on the nature of Mercury and its retrogrades – a view which does not contradict, but perhaps complements your statement that Mercury retrogrades are a time to develop intuition.

    You mention the following, “Mercury, the divine Messenger, the principle of illusion and the expression of the active higher mind, has performed his mission and “led humanity into the light” and the Christ-child out of the womb of time and of the flesh into the light of day and of manifestation, then the task of that great centre we call humanity will be accomplished.”

    Taking Christ (soul) as meaning the unification of two states of consciousness into consciousness itself, so the relationship becomes one of life and consciousness rather than personality consciousness and soul consciousness, the statement made by DK above speaks about the transcendence of illusion by being lead out of the womb of time.

    First, I want to point out that the number 432 which forms the basis of the Vedic yuga system of time measurement can be derived from the two most important numbers in mathematics Pi and the natural number e.

    0.432 = e / (2 Pi)

    This is found because the circumference of a circle with radius of r is C = 2 Pi r.

    Natural number e is the vibratory constant underlying all numbers on a number line from zero to infinity and is derived from the sum of 1/n!. This is why e is used to map population dynamics or compounding interest – each iteration is built upon the one that precedes it.

    So if we say that karma is cyclical and relate the number e as being equivalent to the circumference of a circle because everything comes back upon itself, then suddenly we have this new constant:

    C = 2 Pi r where C = e
    e = 2 Pi r
    r = e / (2 Pi)
    r = 0.432

    An approximation of axial precession can be found using 4320 x 6 = 25,920 or one entire cycle of experience. When applied to an Earth year we get a complete cycle of experience in 0.2592 x 365 = 94.67 days.

    * A complete cycle of experience is encapsulated in the definition of the natural number e as it relates to a cycle or the transiting of a circle of a circumference, C. This is why I went into why 432 is important to cyclical manifestation.

    My second point is as follows: The orbital period of Mercury is about 88 days. Looking at the periodicity of Mercury retrogrades, one may be apt to see that, on average we are observing a normal orbit of Mercury for between 88 and 102 days before a retrograde happens. On average (over many iterations), a Mercury retrograde will happen after 95 days of normal Mercury orbit. So here we have about 95 days of experience and then a “retrograde” or period of introspection, which lasts between 19 and 24 days, with an average of about 21.5 days.

    4.32 x 5 (the number of man, Sanskrit for mind) = 21.6 days to integrate the preceding 95 days of experience.

    “The five centres with their forty-eight petals are synthesised therefore into the two-petalled lotus, and then we have forty-eight plus two equals fifty, the number of the perfected personality, for five is the number of man and ten is that of perfection. Symbolically also, if the sum total of the forty-eight petals of the five centres is added to the ninety-six petals of the centre between the eyebrows, the number one hundred and forty-four appears.” (TWM199)

    5 is the number of man and 144 petals x 3 = 432. Incidentally, there are about 3 cycles of Mercury going direct and then retrograde each year (365 day period, not calendar year necessarily).

    “This number [144] signifies the completed work of the twelve creative Hierarchies, twelve times twelve, and thus the bringing together of the subjective soul and the objective body in perfect union and at-one-ment. This is the consummation. To these figures, one hundred and forty-four add that of the number one thousand (the number of the petals in the lotus of the head centre) and you have the number of the saved in the Book of Revelations, the one hundred and forty-four thousand who can stand before God, for the three ciphers which are found indicate the personality.”

    Cipher here comes from Arabic sifir which means zero or a cycle like the circumference of a circle – a cycle of three indicates the personality.

    As you mentioned in your post the light of Mercury & Vulcan are lost in the radiance of the Sun. Mercury, Vulcan and the Sun are One. So if we blew up Mercury so it no longer existed, man would still cycle through these 3 annual cycles of about 95 days of experience and 21.5 days of integration. This cyclical law of manifestation takes what is hidden in darkness, the Christ-child and births it into the light of manifestation, free from the trammels of time perception. From a mathematical perspective, the First Ray is hidden within the 4th Ray or within the cycle of Mercury we see the esoteric activity of Vulcan:

    “Aries and Virgo, through Mercury and the Moon, are related to Ray 4. Harmonising the cosmos and the individual through conflict, producing unity and beauty. The birth pangs of the second birth. The Cosmic and Individual Christ”

    Thank you again for a great monthly newsletter.

    • Phillip Lindsay
      Phillip Lindsay says:

      Some excellent insights here Adam. The 4320 cipher is most important and HPB says it is “symbolic of the greatest mysteries”. In my book The Hidden History of Humanity, I used this cipher to work out the ages of the Manus/Patriarchs -which are the length of years for the rootraces and subraces.

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