15 Responses to Gemini 2016: Second Blue Moon. Mt. Everest. Brexit. Pentecost.

  1. Gay Adair says:

    Phillip, that was beautiful and very energizing! Thank you.

  2. adam says:

    Phillip, great posting both last month and this month covering the full moons and the grand cross at the new moon. Those forces of chaos continually seek to draw forth a point of tension among the masses of men that hatred might spill over and the abstraction of matter into light be arrested. A unified Europe is an impediment to war. Feeding the fears and doubts of people by confounding the truth and saying globalization = fascism keeps people confused.

    The linchpin in all of this is always right human relations, which has as its base the understanding of the oneness of the soul. It’s hard to hate others when you see the soul in them – the all-pervasive, ever-present, ever-radiant Self-nature. Moving forward along the line of manifest oneness, the EU should be strengthened. Lucky for us, Great Britain and the United States both have 2nd ray souls and are responding to 2nd ray energy. As you state in your post, reaching the summit of Everest is indicative of humanity moving into the light and relative glory of the new civilization:

    “If in these early days of restoration and of the inauguration of the new civilization and of the new
    world, men of all faiths and all religions, of every cult and all esoteric groups were to keep these three great Festivals of Invocation, simultaneously and with understanding of the far-reaching implications, a great spiritual unity would be achieved; if they unitedly invoked the spiritual Hierarchy and sought consciously to contact its Head a great and general inflow of spiritual light and love would occur; if they together determined, with steadfastness and understanding, to approach nearer to God, who could doubt the stupendous results which eventually would be seen? Not only would an underlying unity between men of all faiths be attained, not only would brotherhood be recognized as a fact and not only would our oneness of origin, of goal and of life be recognized but that which would be evoked would change all aspects of human living, would condition our civilization, change our mode of life and make the spiritual world a dominant reality in the human consciousness.”

  3. Biannca says:

    Gratitude my friend and needed in this time of uncertainty

  4. Sheila Fish says:

    Thank you Phillip for this wonderful service – excellent on all levels. Thank you too for your new website -this is a much needed service right now and I know that you are more than capable of performing it.

  5. Deahne says:

    Thank you, insightful, thought provoking stuff. A bloke I worked with 19 years ago, shared his views on what I guess is “now time” he was spot on, adding to my many flashes, dreams since then. Adding my summations from endless study into astrology, genetics/dna, ancient wisdoms seemingly lost in today’s society, I guess the feelings of apprehension but also intrigue are warranted. Pray, collectively we can all transcend & Create Foundations fit for those enlightened souls to walk amongst us.

  6. Catherine says:

    Thank you Philip. I have loved reading this and took a special interest in your section on Brexit.
    My observations are slightly different from yours. And as I live in uk maybe worth sharing ?

    Yes there is the stark contrast between the list of personalities in both camps. And that may in the end be what swings people. I say swing, because when I talk to people I do not see the statistics as quoted in the article reflected in the people I speak with.
    Yes. Most young ( under 25) are in he remain camp. But most others I speak to (many hugely intelligent both intellectually and emotionally) admit to being torn (head says stay, heart says Brexit – the opposite of what you seem to say) – and simply not yet decided how they will vote.
    As they crave more transparency (e.g TTP) and accountability as well as a steering away from bureaocracy. They are worried about how the eu bankruptcy is just patched over. About a top down approach. Should we be legislated info oneness or should we celebrate our diversity and feel one regardless of it?
    I for one keep on reading, researching and meditating ahead of this vote. With gratitude to you for this contribution.

  7. Phillip Lindsay
    Phillip Lindsay says:

    I concur with your remarks Catherine, there are alot of concerns associated with “Remain” such as the insidious TTP agreement. Let us see what happens…

  8. Auntie White Dove says:

    Thanks Phillip,As we are in the Womb of change,rebirth of Humanity,your updates,are so precise and grateful for your writings.

  9. Crone Lady says:

    The link to the Safeguarding article was not live in my newsletter, so I could not read it. However, one must be careful here to not dismiss ALL teachings other than DK and the Bailey books…not all people belong to the 2nd Ray ashram. Other soul rays will have their own teachers who serve the Divine Plan for their ashramic groups, do not get caught up in the glamour of separative ego. “By their fruits you shall know them” would be a good rule of observation when investigating other teaching groups. The world discipleship is large and varied, we are not a “matched set”. Do not forget we belong to the One Life and don’t shut out someone serving the Plan in different form.

  10. Tom Sharpe says:

    Speaking as a native on the ground and expected to vote in tomorrow’s referendum, i have given this article some thought. The statistics seem polarized. Most of my [educated] friends are for leave and have done a good deal of research and analysis, while the common remain arguments i’ve heard are much more trivial e.g. from one (high ranking policeman) who is voting to leave because he likes to holiday in France, or other city slickers being swayed by the free mobile roaming charges.

    A simple vertical (spiritual) integration would be fine if the argument wasn’t for a vertical one, where, in the case of the EU, “the law and state seek to control the economic and cultural life and the economic life seeks to control the political life (TTIP).” Boardman

    A truer soul perspective would first seek to chisel the diamond rather than seek to incarnate into a broken vessel. First one, then the other, and not vice versa.

    Something founded upon such unsound principles as the EU cannot be progressive and history has shown that such entities have a finite lifespan. e.g League of Nations failed because it was institutionalized, abstract and top down.

    “One has to be careful in defining globalism because a reductionist ‘unity in diversity is not quite the same as an holistic ‘diversity in unity’.”

    The difference here is so subtle as to be unrecognizable:

    “Unity in diversity is a concept of “unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation” that shifts focus from unity based on a mere tolerance of physical, cultural, linguistic, social, religious, political, ideological and/or psychological differences towards a more complex unity based on an understanding that difference enriches human interactions.” Wikipedia

    “This [unity in diversity/ multiplicity] is therefore an abstract unity. It is also a reductive unity because it reduces multiplicity to unity, diversity to identity, by finding the respect in which the different “entities” (organs, organisms) don’t differ at all but are the very same. This is the static unity of self-sameness.
    It is clear from the movement of thinking by which it is formed that “unity in multiplicity” is the unity of the dead end. [It is] a consequence of beginning from things in their finished state (the given) and then going “downstream” into abstraction.” Bortoft.

    Anyway, politics is in itself binary; left – right, in- out. This can lead to divisiveness among groups and friends (i’ve seen it displayed here on fb, and don’t forget the recent Jo Cox assassination) Surely the soul would make its decision based not upon the binary but upon the reconciliation thereof. In this respect, we as a nation need to do some serious introspection regarding our capabilities and limitations. Yes, we are certainly at the height of the tide or flood and the right way to go would be humanitarian. However, the EU has at present far too many leaks, as far as i am aware.

  11. Zak Rymill says:

    Wow, I am so relieved the UK has chosen freedom to make her own laws rather than the dangerous group think of the EU that is mainly controlled by the big money interests who make the laws to keep the little guy out of the game. England is ruled by Aries, (according to the Tibetan) and I think this wise decision for free cooperation of sovereign nations is going to spread like wildfire, first of all throughout the EU (Greece really needs to get out asap) and then later around the world. Much of the credit for getting the UK out of the hole she was in with the centralized political project goes to Nigel Farage, who has so brilliantly and persistently explained in sensible logical terms why it makes perfect sense for the UK to take full responsibility for her own decisions and actions rather than allowing a collective of Europeans to do it for her. I’m still amazed the UK went so far down the hole of giving up her political and economic power to other nations. 23rd June 2016 is definitely independence day for the UK, although it was mainly the English (Northern Island, Wales and Scotland voted to stay) vote that won the day.

    This is a classic example of either going along with the group (staying in the EU) or thinking for oneself and taking responsibility for ones actions (leaving the EU).

    We can now look forward to a total revitalizing of the UK. There will be new confidence. New ideas will be tried out.

    One of the things Nigel Farage mentioned during the campaign to leave was his respect for the Swiss style direct democracy, where everything is decided by the people via referendum on local, regional and national levels. He said that once the UK had left the EU he (and their political party UKIP) would work towards bringing in such a system into the UK. With direct democracy the electorate will no longer have to rely on expedient and often stupid politicians to represent them, but instead will get to vote on every issue. I think this is where we’ll see the 2nd ray Soul and Gemini rising really expressing itself.

    This is all going to work out really well.

    • Phillip Lindsay
      Phillip Lindsay says:

      I think it is inevitable that Britain will join the EU again, it is an unavoidable evolutionary trend. But when it does rejoin – who knows when, it may be on better terms where the corruption of the EU is cleaned up and more equitable situation is worked out without the domination of big money.

  12. Zak Rymill says:

    Joining the EU was a devolutionary trend cooked up by the corporate elite who control bought and payed for politicians to make laws that work for the elite and their multinationals and corrupt banking systems. England is just the first to leave, now watch the people of the other EU countries demand referendums on whether to leave or go and they will all vote to leave. The people were never asked in the first place if they wanted to join a socialist dictatorship economic protection zone. If they had been asked they would have said no, including the Germans. I honestly don’t know why people think anything has been lost in leaving. England will negotiate and get a free trade agreement with the whole of the EU. The only difference is there will probably be work permits and passports and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    • Phillip Lindsay
      Phillip Lindsay says:

      The EU is an evolutionary necessity moving toward a greater sharing of planetary resources. Of course it will be used by selfish interests in the short term, but nothing will stop it from reforming in the long term. S0 even if other nations leave as well, it is inevitable that once the corruption and wrong motives are sorted out, that EU will continue to evolve. The United Nations is also a young entity, they all need to time to grow.

  13. eve levinson says:

    I agree we need to all to come together in peace and harmony I agree there is corruption and wrong motives involved in EU. I cannot see how or when this will be sorted out.
    I am interested in Theresa May the new PM. have you looked at her birth chart. I feel she will be good for GB.

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