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Mercury in Scorpio: The Deep Sea Diver

Mercury in Scorpio (Part I) The Deep Sea Diver (Oct 1, 2013) Transiting Mercury has just entered Scorpio and will there for a couple of months, due to its retrograde and direct motion. This is a time for deep reflection and probing the depths of one’s own unconscious, for psychological healing. Mercury in Scorpio can be likened to the deep sea diver in the old-fashioned diving helmet, who works alone upon the ocean floor, a long way from the surface. …

Mercury and its Cycles

I have been noticing with particular interest of late the power of symbols in people’s lives. There appears to be an ebb and flow to this sort of thing, dependent¬†upon the person’s awareness of the world around them, the energies extant impinging upon our little world, the prevailing psyche of the populace and the energies issuing from the planet itself.

Mercury through the Zodiac Signs

First Track: A systematic and incremental approach to the study of the esoteric (and even hierarchical) meanings of the planets in the “signs”.