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Mercury in Scorpio: The Deep Sea Diver

Mercury in Scorpio (Part I) The Deep Sea Diver (Oct 1, 2013) Transiting Mercury has just entered Scorpio and will there for a couple of months, due to its retrograde and direct motion. This is a time for deep reflection and probing the depths of one’s own unconscious, for psychological healing. Mercury in Scorpio can be likened to the deep sea diver in the old-fashioned diving helmet, who works alone upon the ocean floor, a long way from the surface. …

Esoteric Meaning of Scorpio Rising

In Libra a fine point of balance is acquired between Soul and body. When this has been accomplished, the Scorpion experience is entered, and a surge of spiritual energy is imposed upon the personality. This arouses the entire lower nature, which becomes determined to take its last stand against the Soul.