111 Destiny of the Nations: Excerpts & Articles

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Nations – General
Australia: Virgo, Soul Ruler
Austria, Germany: Imminent Reappearance of the Fourth Ray
Brazil: Leo Soul
Catholic Church, Rome and the Vatican, Italy
Chile Miners Rescue and Pluto’s Resurrection
European Racial Integration & Multi-Culturalism
European Refugee Crisis: Pisces Germany and Austria’s Libran Soul
Combined Destiny of Russia, Britain and USA
Cusco, Peru: Home of the Sun God
Greek Financial Crisis and the Global Economy
Greece, Ireland and Australia: Virgo Souls
India & Pakistan
International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.)
Kathmandu: Shamballa, Darjeeling and Shigatse
Nepal: Earthquake. Mt. Everest Avalanche
New Zealand and Cancerian Traits
Pluto for Capricorns: Races and Nations
Problem of Theft in the Psyche of Humanity
Rage and Revolution

Revolution and Change
Scandinavia, China and the Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Spain: Sagittarian Soul
Turkey Unrest: Cancer Soul Awakening
Vladimir Putin and the Destiny of Russia

Combined Destiny of Russia, Britain and USA
Glastonbury’s Chalice Well
Great Britain: Gemini soul
Leo and the London Olympics: Let the Games Begin!
London: From Olympics to Terrorist Attack
Saturn in Leo for Britain

Astrology of France and Paris: The Leo-Aquarius Polarity
Capricorn: Paris, France and Joan of Arc
France: Pisces Soul
France and Revolution
France and the Leo-Aquarius Axis
Louis XIV, The Sun King and France

Austria, Germany: Imminent Reappearance of the Fourth Ray
European Refugee Crisis: Pisces Germany and Austria’s Libran Soul
Germany: Pisces Personality
Germany under Nazis: Mediumistic Piscean Personality

Israel & Middle East
Aries, Passover and the Jewish Scapegoat
Capricorn, Redemption and the Scapegoat
Difficulties in Stating the Jewish Problem
Egypt and the Arab World: Aquarius the Liberator
Egypt’s Current Crisis: July 9-10 Critical Days
Hamas and Israel’s “Terrorism” Excuse
Hamas and Khalad Meshal
Israel 2006
Israel’’s Karmic Responsibility
Iran and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Iraq: Beginning of a Homeland
Israel & Palestine: Gaza Invasion 2008
Israel’s Dance with Destiny
Israel: Black Moon Lilith in Israel’s Horoscope
Israel and Gemini
Israel Attack on Iran
Israel, Lebanon and World Peace
Israel’s Moon in Leo and Saturn Return in Leo
Israel’s Chiron in Scorpio and Its Mars Return
Israel & Netanyahu
Jesus and the Jewish Dispensation
Netanyahu & Israel
Leonine Anatomy of the Israel-Gaza Crisis 2014
Libra & Mars in Scorpio: Danger for Israel
Saddam Hussein and the Iraq Invasion
Transiting Saturn in Scorpio’s Influence Upon Israel
What Can Israel Contribute in Mutual Co-operation?

Hiroshima Anniversary and Leo
Japan and the Sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism
Japan, Nuclear Fallout and Future Earthquakes
Japan’s Uranus-Pluto Time Bomb at Fukishima
Japan, Scorpio and Mount Fuji
Capricorn Japan Revisited: Fukushima
Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami 2011
Japan’s Astrology and Rays
Planetary Centres: Is Tokyo the Solar Plexus?

Russia: A Seventh Ray Aquarian Soul
Ukraine, NATO and the USA
Vladimir Putin and the Destiny of Russia

United Nations
United Nations Horoscope
Libra and the United Nations
United Nations: Wesak 1945
United Nations: Moon in Gemini
United Nations and Gemini
United Nations and Libra

United States of America
American Civil War and the Abolition of Slavery
American Civil War 1860: Uranus and the Seventh Ray
Aquarian USA: America’s Dark Night of the Soul
America and the Middle East 2004
American Media Maya Machine
Born on the 4th of July: United States of America
Bush and Kerry. State of USA. Civil War in America?
Cancer USA (2015): Pluto’s Dark Days Leading Toward Light
Charlston, Carolina: Again, the Gun Control Debate
Combined Destiny of Russia, Britain and USA
Congressman Dennis Kucinich: America’s Next President?
Libra in America’’s Horoscope
Magnetic Storm of 1859 and the USA
National Crisis: Cancer Influences in the USA

National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment
Neocons and Change
Pluto, the Cusp of the Aquarian Age and the USA
Pluto’’s Transit of America’’s Mars in Gemini
Romance of Gun Culture
Sandy Hook: Watershed Moment for Water-Bearer USA
U.S. Debt: A Libran Crisis During Mercury Retrograde
USA’s Perpetual War. Guns Guns Guns: Aries-Libra
USA and Saturn
USA and Aries-Libra

USA Election 2012: Obama and Romney
US Elections and John Kerry
USA and Media
USA: Another Day, Another Massacre
USA 2015: Capricorn Full Moon Grand Cross
USA: Aquarian Soul
USA, Revolution and Four Aquarian Presidents
USA’s Mars and the Gemini New Moon
Washington, USA and Cancer
Washington Kalachakra for World Peace 2011

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