12 Responses to Libra 2017: Sex and Relationships (Part 1)

  1. Tom McNamara says:

    Excellent work Phillip…..you “connect” very well the threads to the whole. Having Mercury at 15 degrees Libra, the point of balance and the fusing of opposites is my nature….and it has accomplished as you have so well described…..to see this at work find the chart for 09/11/49 at 4:25 PM EDT Pittsburgh PA USA.

  2. Licia says:

    What a thought provoking and thorough article! I appreciate your cautionary comments about DK, who, as you say, was writing for a different audience. I think the notion of the life force/sexual energy is complex. Even more complex is how it is expressed through the various bodies and life expressions. Your compilation of concerns around the misuse of sexual energy (in the section looking at 2017) was outstanding. I have a very poor understanding of astrology so my insight derives from psychosocial approaches. I do not fully understand the astrological aspect of the polarities that I understand as the basis of sexual energy; attraction, urge to connect versus repulsion, urge to disconnect, (which could perhaps be called the positive or light archetypal energies) and domination-control (destroy, devour)/]versus submission-be controlled (acquiesce to destruction, consumption) which I would see as the negative or shadow archetypal energies. This ‘domination submission’ shadow is where we see all the distortions of the urge to connect listed in most of not all in the ‘2017’ list you provided. These polarities play out in our relationship with all things; all objects, ourselves, the world etc and in sexuality and sexual relationships. Our own work on higher, creative, authentic (throat chakra) expression I hope, will hopefully help, as will inviting the same in others around us.

  3. anon says:

    Great read that I must applaud immediately. I intend to re-read it with more time to reflect, however, many of the points you raise based on your wide knowledge seem to validate my own thoughts on this whole matter which I have pondered since the 1970’s and 80’s when homosexuality was first being promoted in my country. Before having anything else but an interest in the debate and a ‘feeling’ many were being led astray, I came to conclusions still not widely thought about.

    Your article gives me a great springboard to voice some of those other aspects.
    This I will do when time permits. Thank you Philip.

  4. suzanne b. miller says:

    WOW!!! SO much to ponder–upon a subject which has the attention of 90+% of humanity, for, no doubt, 90+% of the time!!! Thank you for the many ways to “view” this Libran energy,[plus], and for the lingering idea that THIS particular subject has, and shall continue to have, a major influence upon the WAY evolution–[evolve-o-lution] continues. And, Phillip–you “Cheeky Monkey”, you—Monty Python’s contributions were priceless!!–Suzy Miller-USA

  5. Wade says:

    Well now I realize where the homophobia I experienced at the Seven Ray Institute conference originates.

  6. Mimi says:

    The Ageless Wisdom teaches that homosexuality is an atavistic activity, but that viewpoint does not include judgment and/or intolerance of homosexuals.

    Understanding the origins of an activity that does not serve the Future is important for disciples, but does not suggest that compassion be thrown out of the equation along with understanding why a certain activity is manifesting through human activity.

    My experience at the SRI conference was one of inclusiveness, not “homophobia.” I observed that there was one such person present who was a very talented artist, fantastic performer and held a position of respect and responsibility with the USR. That would not happen with a homophobic organization. Not sure where Wade is coming from with his comment.

    I know my viewpoint is not PC, but disciples do not overly concern themselves with what is PC and currently accepted by the unthinking/manipulated masses. True disciples seek and serve the Truth…..whatever the consequences.

    BTW, do not scientists tell us that the Universe at large is “held together” by the attraction of positive (male) and negative (female) polarities?
    With love to all……………

  7. Priscilla Caro says:

    Responsability, Education, Sex Education, Family values …. Knowledge of the Universal Laws and Evolution. Many issues coming to surface in these times,in order to be liberated. This Crisis that we are going through, definetelly is liberating Karma;Cosmic, Planetary, Group, and Individual. We must be aware in order to liberate.
    Your article Phillip, very important, very illustative quite educational.
    Power, Money, Sex, are too strong and usually at the hands of the wrong people.
    Thank you.

  8. Nancy Connally says:

    Had a friend many years ago who was gay and also a disciple. He said that in meditation he was able to go back in time and see when he first made the choice to try that activity. He understood that it was something that had to be overcome within his own consciousness and decided to no longer indulge that particular behaviour. He was still gay, still attracted to members of the same sex, etc. but had made the decision to not continue with with it. He was a very advanced disciple (perhaps a third degree initiate) and always wondered whether or not if and when he took the 4th initiation and the 3 lower permanent atoms were destroyed, if that would end it forever.

  9. Michelle says:

    This is I believe, after having read both yours and your readers comments, an act of enlightenment. Beautifully written Phillip. The art of universal loving, is a feeling of unconditional love for one another. However, our inner knowing is made fully aware of what changes need to be made in this lifetime, regardless of whether we are heterosexual or not. Hence self responsibility, within our unique journey of individuality, is at the core of our hearts, when uniting our feelings with the divine.
    As an individual with Neptune & Moon conjunct in Libra 15 degrees, there’s no point in lying to myself. I have no other choice as a mere mortal, other than to rise above my earthly feelings, the most spiritually gracious and diplomatic way, that I can.

  10. Martha says:

    Thank you very much for your monthly reports, they are interesting and very informative, I am looking forward every month to your report.
    Thank you.

  11. Kelly says:

    I’ve been on the path for many years and have always had problems with DK’s views on homosexuality. Thank you for making it a bit more clear, however I still feel that there is a disconnect in the acceptance of the physical body among disciples.
    It’s been my experience that gay people are not the ones to fear, and show us what character and perseverance looks like.

  12. Patrick Chouinard says:

    Another excellent newsletter! So much there! Great insight into the 1960’s from an esoteric perspective (Neptune in Scorpio, the Mars-Pluto-Uranus conjunction, the 7th Ray. etc.). They were/are trailblazers, forunners, and my mentors. Having been born in 1965 what you write about is the story of my life. I also appreciate your invitation to discuss the homosexuality issue. I wrote about my own struggles and questions about that here (2 parts) Part 1: https://www.facebook.com/groups/392240587511690/permalink/447793205289761/ Part 2: https://www.facebook.com/groups/392240587511690/permalink/447669858635429/ DK gives great insight into sex and you covered his perspective so well. I would like also to share master Hilarion’s guidance on sex from The Teachings of the Temple, which ought to apply to disciples of every orientation: https://www.facebook.com/groups/392240587511690/permalink/848027531932991/

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