TIME: Re-Establishing Esoteric Chronology in World History

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The Timekeeper Says, ‘Its About Time!’
Causes Behind the Narrow View of Time
Dating Methods, Precession Cycles and Ancient Egypt
Reasons for a Conservative Approach to Cycles
Time Measurement from the Ancient Scriptures
Finding a Fixed Time from Which to Reckon
The Mystery of the Origin of the Apes
The Mahabharata, the Old Testament and Plato’s Atlantis
The Danger of Taking ‘Veiled’ References Literally
Errors in the Reading of Plato
The Atlantean Flood and Noah’s Ark
Shamballa and the Rootraces
The Significance of the Ancient Egyptians and Mayans Today
The Role of Mayan Tradition in Human Consciousness

This essay explores the problem of TIME – as applied to human history thus far unfolded; it looks at the dating methods of science and precession cycles used by the ancients in traditions such as the Hindu, Egyptian and Mayan civilisations. Some highlights of the past are examined, such as the origin of the human soul, the mystery of how apes were created and why the great Atlantean war and subsequent cataclysms ensued, through to the present day and into the next rootrace.

4 yuga wheel smlThe Timekeeper Says, ‘Its About Time!’
In many disciplines, whether it is consensus or alternative archeology, anthropology, geology or other sciences, a major problem within and between these sciences is the factor of time. The lack of a clear perception about TIME and the true historical chronology of this planet is a major impasse that is preventing a clear understanding of human history.

Researchers in these fields must somehow cultivate or at least entertain an awareness of the possibility of a much, much longer time-line for human evolution. It seems that even most  “alternative archeologists” have adopted the mainstream archeological timeline. If they have departed from it, it has only been very conservatively, straying only a little way from the very orthodoxy that they claim to challenge.

For these individuals, 30,000 years or 300,000 years are ‘stupendous’ and ‘unbelievable’ dates for civilisations. Yet, in the spirit of true scientific experimentation and spiritual enquiry, these researchers could, if they chose, expand their horizons ever further, up to twenty million years for human evolution! This may sound like a big stretch, a fantasy or a fairy tale – but it is not unreasonable, as will be demonstrated.

To explore the possibility of a far broader chronology – crusty cultural, religious, scientific and academic scales must be sloughed away in order to venture into areas previously thought preposterous and unthinkable. The conventional and ultra-conservative view of history by both mainstream and alternative investigators comes to bear upon practically all investigations of the ancient mysteries – with one or two notable exceptions. Whether the themes are of 2012 and the Mayans, Egypt, India or Mexico­­, the timelines discussed are usually between three and six thousand years BC, sometimes 10,000 years or more. Yet humanity has required aeons to evolve into its modern physical and mental state.


H.P.B., Bishop Usher, Charles Darwin.
H.P. Blavatsky challenged the prevailing attitudes of science and religion in the Victorian era.

Most of the public accept what they were taught at school through the influence of Darwinistic science, falling prey to its inflexible and adamant authority; or fundamentalist Christians might believe what Bible scholars have zealously declared about the world beginning in 4,004 BC (i.e. Bishop Usher).

A majority of humanity have accepted this world view unquestioningly and indiscriminately, partly through being preoccupied with the vicissitudes of modern living and, simply being not that interested! Yet when investigations are brought to bear upon ancient civilisations by those who claim to challenge the archeological establishment, there seems to be some sort of insidious umbilical cord that snaps those enquirers back to the womb of orthodox chronology.

The problem is deeply embedded in all education systems, scientific research, media such as the History Channel – all draw upon these tired dates of a mere few thousand years for human history. Hence the reinforcing of the illusion continues and is driven ever deeper into matter. A revolution of ideas is required to crack open this old sarcophogus of thought.


Delphi, Greece. (Author’s photo.)

Various individuals in the field of alternative archeology and anthropology have made fantastic and illuminating contributions over the past forty-odd years; their utilisation of modern scientific techniques has broadened human understanding immeasurably, but at the same time the ‘shadow of science’ looms spectre-like, virtually unassailable in its dominance.

Modern investigators have opened the door for many to peer into the past; it is suggested that their modus operandi on the theme of time and cycles, needs a large adjustment. This could be for some a traumatic pole-shift in consciousness!

How can we consider a longer time-frame for history, which ultimately conceals the greatest puzzles of existence and the mystery of the human soul? When the traditions of the most ancient cultures are consulted, we find for instance, that the Hindu Tamil calendar known as the “Tirukkanda Panchanga”, gives the beginning of our strictly human evolution in this cycle as around 18.6 million years!1 These time cycles also go back into trillions of years and the Mayans are documented in the billions. Are these figures fanciful, symbolic or factual and literal?

Although there are paradoxes about certain time-lines between ancient sources and modern science, there is agreement about some of the really vast cycles – for instance, noted scientist, the late Carl Sagan said:


Wheel of Time: Orissa, India. (Photo: M.J.Krishnan.)

“The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths. It is the only religion in which time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long, longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang.” ((Cosmos. Carl Sagan. Ballantine Books (1985). p.258.))

Also, Fritjof Capra, in his best-selling book The Tao of Physics, wrote:

“This idea of a periodically expanding and contracting universe, which involves a scale of time and space of vast proportions, has arisen not only in modern cosmology, but also in ancient Indian mythology. Experiencing the universe as an organic and rhythmically moving cosmos, the Hindus were able to develop evolutionary cosmologies which come very close to our modern scientific models.” ((The Tao of Physics. Fritjof Capra. Shambhala Pub. (1991). p.198.))

If these longer time scales were taken into account, thinkers from various disciplines could develop whole new paradigms based upon information that has already been given via existing spiritual traditions; they could bridge their work to the mainstream sciences and provide a broader, wholistic framework of enquiry in their chosen field.

In promoting the idea of a greater chronology for human history, it is simply a matter of revitalising an existing paradigm – an inherent part of the ancient wisdom of several cultures; of rescuing that which has been surreptitiously kidnapped, abused and ridiculed; of recalling that part of our racial memory that is known – intuited, recognised and understood.

The key to all these considerations is to experiment and not dismiss these ideas out of hand or reject them with a rigid adherence or clinging desperation to old ideas; to utilise the information ‘as if ’ it were literal and true.

One of the factors also involved are certain prejudices to various teachers of the ageless wisdom. In this regard, the author simply asks the skeptical reader to suspend any lingering doubts and reserve any judgements, allowing the clarity and consistency of these authors’ statements to speak for themselves.


Denderah Zodiac, Egypt.                                    Mayan Calendar, Central America.

There are enormous timelines in the Mayan and Hindu chronology, yet they have been simply ignored by the people who have devoted their lives to, and write about these very subjects. Why has the old chronology from India for example, been dismissed? Author David Lewis states it most succinctly:

“Since the nineteenth century, Western scholars have routinely dismissed the historical significance of the ancient peoples, those of southern Asia included. With a decidedly ethnocentric bias – the intellectual stepchild of Western colonialism – the experts reinterpreted Eastern history, casting whole systems of ancient philosophy and science, in the experts’ minds, into the historical dustbin.


Newton (William Blake)

This historical dustbin is the repository of all things conflicting with European models, such as biblical Christianity and scientific materialism. Here we find the very inception of the ‘knowledge filter,’ now well known to students of alternative archeology, geology, and other disciplines involved with the search for lost origins.

India, with her treatment by the West and her acquiescence to that treatment, typifies the way in which Western intellectualism conquered the world … Having found, for example, the root words of India’s ancient Sanskrit turned up almost universally in the world’s major languages, Western scholars devised an ethnocentric system to explain the phenomenon – one that India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, and many other modern Indian intellectuals came to accept.

The scholars also expropriated the now mythic Aryans of ancient India to flesh out this scenario. This mythic race, we were told, derived from Europe and then invaded the Indus Valley, in the north of India – making Sanskrit and Vedic culture a product, rather than a progenitor, of Western civilisation – and rather young at that.” ((Forbidden History, Ed. J. Douglas Kenyon. Essay, “India 30,000 BC” by David Lewis.))

Causes Behind the Narrow View of Time
Understanding the history of any culture is fraught with illusion, especially when its roots extend far beyond the accepted contemporary view, as taught in most educational institutions around the world today. What other factors have been responsible for this universal truncated view of time and human evolution in the past 10,000 years? The fields of religion and science have both contributed:


The world creation in 4004 BC!

1. The timeline derived from the Judeo-Christian tradition posits ‘creation’ at around six thousand years ago. This old thoughtform still conditions thinking in much of the West, where it is accepted by the majority, Christian or non-Christian. Many Christian ‘creationists’, amazingly still adhere literally to this timeline as a core belief, rigidly ignoring or rationalising any evidence to the contrary, such as dinosaurs, fossils etc. Scientists in past centuries have also been afraid to date anything before 100 AD for fear of upsetting the church. Writing in the nineteenth century, H.P. Blavatsky (HPB) observed:

“Even now evidence is brought forward that the dates for the foundations of cities, civilizations and various other historical events have been absurdly curtailed. This was done as a peace-offering to Biblical chronology. “No date,” writes the well-known Palæontologist, Ed. Lartet, “is to be found in Genesis, which assigns a time for the birth of primitive humanity”; but chronologists have for fifteen centuries endeavoured to force the Bible facts into agreement with their systems.

Thus, no less than one hundred and forty different opinions have been formed about the single date of “Creation”; “and between the extreme variations there is a discrepancy of 3,194 years, in the reckoning of the period between the beginning of the world and the birth of Christ.”2


The meagre timelines of Indian history!

2. Despite many advances, various scientific disciplines within the lesser cycles (not the aforementioned grand cosmic cycles), seem to gravitate to a similar timeline as the Judeo-Christian, for the emergence of the ancient races. (Wikipedia states 3,300 BC for the Hindus.) This must be partly influenced by religious conditioning and its appeasement but also other factors.

Darwin himself did not think that human evolution went back further than 4,000 BC. (He was originally going to train for the clergy.) As mentioned earlier by Lewis, even the modern Hindus disregard the treasure of their ancient heritage and toe the consensus line on history – because of the influence of British colonialism. Hence their calculations for the emergence of the Hindu race, are only a few thousand years BC:

3,000–1500 BCE: Indus Valley Civilisation (Old Chronology), or
6,000–1900 BCE: Indus-Sarasvati Civilisation (New Chronology)3

3. The development of the scientific, rationalist approach over the past five hundred years, paralleled by a special cycle of the Fifth Ray of Concrete Science that has only been recently ‘withdrawn’ before the end of last century.4

11 fifth rootrace subrace chronology - Copy4. The subsequent, accelerated and ongoing development of the concrete mind in Western civilisation – the lower mind that utilises only the five tangible senses. This mental development relates to the fifth mental plane and has been quintessentially expressed in this fifth branchrace of the fifth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.5.5). Northern European, particularly Anglo-Saxon. (Naturally, the sixth sense, the intuition – will start to become far more expressive as the Sixth Rootrace takes hold in the next several thousand years.)

5. The inability of intellectuals polarised strongly in the lower mind, to conceive of an ancient evolution that goes beyond the culturally accepted view of the world; their inability or arrogance in recognising that greater civilisations and technologies have come and gone before this current one. Some of the more mystically inclined  ‘new age’ or ‘alternative’ authors fall into this category but may not admit it. Their intuition is working but many still adhere slavishly to some of the rigid dictates of modern ‘science’.

raiders-of-the-lost-ark-1981-indiana-jones-warehouse copy

Smithsonian warehouse from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

6. Stemming from the foregoing, extraordinary measures taken by individuals and groups in academia, such as the Smithsonian Institute, who have outrageously suppressed, hidden or destroyed fossil and artefact evidence of ancient megalithic cultures that preceded ours. These vested interests of ‘establishment’ sciences have sought to maintain a very narrow view; anything that challenges preciously held views is immediately dismissed or ridiculed. Many mainstream archeologists have completely ignored the hundreds of underwater cities around the planet that point to to the existence of advanced civilisations.

Academics have been drummed out of universities with their careers in tatters because they dared to tilt at the authoritarian edifice of academia. An example of this was geo-chronologist, Virginia Steen-McIntyre:

“Virginia Steen-McIntyre later wrote and published a paper concerning the dating of the artifacts found. It reported four sophisticated, independent tests: uranium-thorium dating, fission track dating, tephra hydration dating and the studying of mineral weathering to determine the date of the artifacts. Their 1981 paper … suggested that these tests, among others, validated a date of 250 kya [250,000 years] for the Hueyatlaco artifacts … The professional report, categorizing the findings at Hueyatlaco, was delayed for years. When it was finally published in 1981 it met widespread criticism. Steen-McIntyre argues that her findings were rejected not on their failings or merits, but because her critics engaged in circular reasoning.”5

47 Feet. Luxor. Egypt.

Strewn ruins – Luxor. (Author’s photo.)

There is an even wider story to the above, as the US Geological Survey verified her claims; this became a big issue with the establishment archeology of Mexico who demanded that the date be reduced – and the survey team capitulated by dropping a zero – so it is now dated at 25-35,000 years! (The fact that Steen-McIntyre was a female on male turf probably did not help her cause either.)

7. The bewildering array of remnants of ancient civilisations with which modern investigators are confronted. When these remnants present themselves in one particular area (for example, the Middle East), it is very difficult for those approaching its study to untangle and discriminate between the older and newer relics and their various cultural threads. Accurate perception is impossible when compounded by the accumulations of modern cultural, religious and educational hypnosis.

Yet alternative archeologists have helped bring in a great deal of discrimination in this area, discerning for instance what is ‘megalithic’ or ‘Inca’, reversing what establishment archeology teaches.

8. Contentious methods of establishing correct chronology such as carbon dating, radio-active dating, uranium-lead dating etc., astronomical techniques, religious scriptures, mythology and so on.

Dating Methods, Precession Cycles and Ancient Egypt
Many investigators have done excellent work in the areas of astronomical theories, archeological data etc., yet their figures rarely venture outside the last 5,000, 10,000 or 25,000 years. (e.g. most of the best selling authors in the field of the Mayans and 2012.) Speculations about the date of building the Great Pyramid, through certain astronomical alignments, have been advanced and these investigators are most certainly on the right path, having made major discoveries.


Egyptian King Lists, Abydos, Egypt. (Author’s photo.)

H. P. Blavatsky (HPB), author of The Secret Doctrine and teacher of the ancient Vedic tradition of cycles, states that if the three precession cycles depicted upon the Denderah Zodiac were taken into account, 78,000 years ago (26,000 X 3) would be a more accurate date for the building of the Great Pyramid.6

Because the world paradigm view of history has been ‘fixed’ at a much lesser figure, few have wished to stray beyond those boundaries, even to the point of rationalising certain data as ‘symbolic’ or simply dismissing it as ‘fanciful’.

When traveling from the Giza plateau to Saqqara, the location of the Bent, Stepped and Red pyramids, one is struck by how these structures are far more ancient than Giza. The established archeology supports this, though by only a few grudging centuries because of the paradigm it has created and remains trapped within. Zoser’s pyramid at Saqqara was dated by Libby and his radio carbon dating team as around 2,625 BC.

On the Egyptian king lists that have had many hands interpreting them, King Menes is interpreted as only a few centuries earlier, around 3,000 BC. Yet HPB tells us that Menes was the Manu of the second subrace of our Fifth Rootrace.78

Consulting Table IV shows that the Egyptian subrace was established around 860,000 years ago.9 If then, this deduction is to be believed or better, proven, then the Saqqara site could easily be up to several hundred thousand years older than the Great Pyramid site.


The Bent Pyramid at Saqqara, Egypt. (Author’s photo.)        

Of course, other radio carbon dating questions arise such as the wood that was tested from an Egyptian coffin of the Ptolemaic period – used as a benchmark for carbon dating of the Zoser pyramid. The Egyptian date was arrived at by Wilson10 on ‘stylistic grounds’. For a civilisation as old as Egypt, certain statue designs might stay in ‘style’ for hundreds of thousands of years – using esoteric chronology!

The original Egyptian coffin date of Zoser supplied by Lansing, against which the carbon dating findings were measured, is itself contentious; it is based upon a chronological assignment made through a traditional academically-influenced view of history that has been hopelessly confused through the centuries (see further in text); it is a shaky basis that compounds and compromises the problem of the accuracy of the carbon dating system itself.

It is documented that Libby’s assistant Jim Arnold had a thorough knowledge of mainstream archeological history. So even though the experiment with the first piece of wood sent to them was supposed to be ‘anonymous’ (not knowing the source of the wood), the archeological ‘evidence’ of the day (using conventional archeological methods, claimed that Zoser’s pyramid was 4,500 years old. One must ask oneself how much Arnold’s prior knowledge of conventional archeology influenced the outcome of the experiment, i.e. to make the results ‘fit’.

carbonMany authors unquestionly and indiscriminately quote radio carbon dates as if they were infallible. There are also known problems with radio carbon and its accuracy over 50,000 years due to break down and contamination of organic material. Then of course there are magnetic reversal of the poles issues, alternative dating methods and several other anomalies, too many to do justice in this enquiry. Suffice to say, dating methods are contentious, fallible and inconclusive. Before carbon dating developed, HPB made some remarks regarding the science of her day in the late 1800’s:

“Unfortunately, dynasties and Pyramids have the fate of geological periods; their dates are arbitrary, and depend on the respective whims of the men of science. Archæologists … accord in the style of art [‘stylistic’?], and in the standard of measurement employed, with the similar diorite statues of the pyramid builders of the third and fourth Egyptian dynasties … but what is the date fixed for these “dynasties”? Sanchoniathon’s and Manetho’s Synchronistic tables and their figures have been rejected, or whatever remained of these after holy Eusebius’ handling of them;11 and still we have to remain satisfied with the four or five thousand years B.C. so liberally allotted to Egypt.

5 chron HPB science… when we [Masters of Wisdom] talk of the Secondary and Tertiary age, of the Eocene, Miocene and Pliocene periods—this is simply to make our facts more comprehensible.  Since these ages and periods have not yet been allowed fixed and determined durations, 2½ and 15 million years being assigned at different times to one and the same age (the Tertiary)—and since no two geologists and naturalists seem to agree on this point—Esoteric teachings may remain quite indifferent to whether man is shown to appear in the Secondary or the Tertiary age.

If the latter age may be allowed even so much as 15 million years’ duration—well and good; for the Occult doctrine, jealously guarding its real and correct figures as far as concerns the First, Second, and two-thirds of the Third Root-Race—gives clear information upon one point only—the age of “Vaivasvata Manu’s humanity. [18.5 million years]”12

One could argue that if the precession cycle of 25,920 years was known to the ancients, then they may well have studied and lived through those cycles at least a few times. Indeed, according to Pliny, in the astronomical observations of the Chaldeans, Epigenes recognises 720,000 years.

Consider also Cicero somewhat indignantly relating the Babylonian  priests’ assertion – that they had preserved upon monuments, observations extending back during an interval of 470,000 years. Simplicius (6th century AD) wrote that he had heard that the Egyptians had kept astronomical observations and records for the last 630,000 years.13

image009 image010 image011

Plato, Aristotle. “The School at Athens”. Pythagoras.

There are numerous examples of these kind of figures from historians and philosophers like Pythagoras and Plato who lived relatively recently but who were in touch with a much greater antiquity. Why would these recognised and respected commentators in many fields, contrive these figures  independently of one another? Modern authors have also ignored data that is available to them in their own disciplines such as the Hindu or Mayan systems for measuring time. As Wendell Phillips once said:

“We seem to imagine that whether knowledge will die with us or not, it certainly began with us … We have a pitying estimate, a tender pity for the narrowness, ignorance, and darkness of the bygone ages.”14

Stonehenge-at-NightReasons for a Conservative Approach to Cycles
Speculations on reasons why investigators do not depart too much from the norm vary:

1. They are not so much interested in the timeline per se, something more specific such as the consciousness, culture or building methods that an ancient civilisation exhibited, a form of astronomy that they had devised, or how it related to the present or the future.

2. Using astronomy for dating, yet not considering going beyond one precession cycle of 25,920 years. For some speculative dates, dozens or even hundreds of precession cycles would have to be adopted to ‘wind the clock back’ correctly. When investigators talk about alignments between sacred temples or pyramids with the stars at certain recent dates such as 2-4,000 BC, they are often several or many precession cycles wide of the mark:

dendera lotus

The Denderah Lotus, part of a rectangular zodiac.

“While the Egyptians have on their Zodiacs … irrefutable proofs of records having embraced more than three-and-a-half sidereal years—or about 87,000 years—the Hindu calculations cover nearly thirty-three such years, or 850,000 years.  The Egyptian priests assured Herodotus that the Pole of the Earth and the Pole of the Ecliptic had formerly coincided.

But, as remarked by the author of the Sphinxiad, “… Hindoos have registered a knowledge of Astronomy for ten times 25,000 years since the (last local) Flood (in Asia), or Age of Horror,” in the latitude of India . And they possess recorded observations from the date of the first Great Flood within the Aryan historical memory—that which submerged the last portions of Atlantis, 850,000 years ago.”15

Author’s note: 850,000 years ago was the second of four great floodings of the Atlantean civilisation. It was also the time of departure from southern India by those groups who would become the future Egyptians and Mayans.

3. Hoping to keep their readers engaged by using more conventional timelines; sticking to one subject without complicating the discussion; this serves as a bridging process in some ways. A good example of this is Yogananda’s guru, Swami Yukteswar, who gave students the four yugas unfolding the last 25,000 years. This time line was undoubtedly “dumbed down” deliberately by the Master to keep Yogananda’s devotees engaged. It has however created a problem today where many authors are quoting Yukteswar as if his information is “gospel”.

4. Not wanting to be marginalised or rejected by their peers and readers for being too radical with timelines.

5. Simply having no way of substantiating the greater timeline and with limited tools at their disposal to do so.

6. Lacking in imagination or being over-conservative in their approach.

These are a few reasons that come to mind, but what of the greater timelines that exist?

6 astro basis cycles smlTime Measurement from the Ancient Scriptures
In The Secret Doctrine, HPB gave a wealth of information on the ancient cycles derived particularly from the Vedas and similar Hindu scriptures such as The Mahabharata. This world view sees our solar system at about the half way mark in its evolution – 155 trillion years of a 311 trillion year cycle – or ‘Occult Century’! It posits the evolution of human consciousness as having proceeded from ancient Lemurian times about 18.5 million years ago.

These time spans are related to the ancient cycles called yugas, that take place within the larger cycles of the manvantaras. All cycles take place to a lesser degree within the time-span of the so-called seven rootraces, whilst in a far vaster reach of time, the globes, chains and schemes – or the various incarnations of the planet itself.16 HPB also tells us that we are now in the Fifth Rootrace that started with the advent of the first Hindu subrace one million years ago.17

In The Hidden History of Humanity Vol. I (HHH),18 greater detail and new original finding are given outlining how this world view is constructed, viewing the various cycles as they unfold through the rootraces or, to state it another way, the rootraces unfolding within the larger cycles of time allotted to them; it is essentially the history of the evolution of human consciousness.

7 rootraces timeline medHHH advances reasonable arguments about the validity of the greater time scales. If this universal view of time was adopted as an experimental framework, investigators might see their enquiries and speculations find an empowering niche; it could enable them to move forward in their specific disciplines far more rapidly, expanding understanding and creating a greater degree of connectivity to the many facets of the one whole. The Hindu tradition is of course the oldest, as they constitute the first subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.1) – and were heir to the ancient knowledge of the Atlanteans in the previous rootrace.

There was a reason that the Masters of Wisdom19 worked with HPB to give this information out to the Western world – to re-establish for this next coming cycle, those eternal laws and truths which have brought humanity thus far; to re-establish a corrected chronology that replaces a hopelessly corrupted and distorted one. Humanity is disempowered in not knowing its true origins, for several reasons:

1. Lack of knowledge about the origin and purpose of the human soul.
2. Not having a ‘fixed time from which to reckon’, by which to measure history.20
3. Being saddled with a shortened chronology that is supposed to explain the entire unfoldment of the human race, quite a ludicrous situation.

Hardly any investigators use this treasure trove of material from ancient India, with a few notable exceptions, one in particular, the work of Vedantist, Michael Cremo and his book, Forbidden Archeology.21 Cremo takes the cycles as literal in their duration and has admirably challenged the scientific establishment through his many findings.

As noted earlier, modern science and occultism roughly concur on some of the big cosmic cycles, yet it is ironic that time scales for the sciences such as archeology and anthropology, there is required such a huge addition of time for the birth of civilisation: from 3,000 – 4,000 BC, back 18.5 million years!


Jurassic Park: Humans were much bigger than this …

Yet when equating the esoteric record of time with the current accepted geological record, there is a massive subtraction of time: from around 65 million years for the Jurassic Age, down to around 28-20 million years. The big dinosaurs may well have existed 65 million years ago but according to the The Secret Doctrine, the Jurassic Age was closer to twenty million years ago – at least around the time of the reptile extinction.22 Disparities and contradictions abound, yet they are not unresolvable or irreconcilable.

Consider that around 500 years ago, it was thought that the Sun orbited the Earth and now that illusion has been stripped away and transcended. Yet despite all the amazing scientific advances since then – and expansions of human consciousness – with regard to Earth’s true history, we still live in relatively medieval times.

It is interesting to note that the ‘Flat Earth Society’ was formed by a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1956! Fundamentalist Christian politicians today proclaim their religious party line of only several thousand years for human evolution.

When considering the larger time cycles, 500 years is but the blink of an eye. Now Humanity’s next phase of penetrating the veil of maya is to understand just exactly how old it is. This is most appropriate as the Third Ray of Active Intelligence that is intimately related to cycles, is currently going through a powerful phase; third ray ruler Saturn – the Lord of Time, waits with his scythe to strip away the veil and reveal these ancient truths. Another symbol for the third ray is the hourglass – the last grains from the top capsule are about to fall into the lower capsule and a breakthrough in consciousness will take place.

fire deva

A “kundalini deva” from Geoffrey Hodson’s “Kingdom of the Gods”.

Finding a Fixed Time from Which to Reckon
According to the ancient wisdom, and confirmed through the ancient Vedas, the evolution of consciousness for humanity started about 21.6 million years ago. This initial impulse of the ‘birth of the human soul’ culminated 18.6 million years ago with the registering of the ‘spark of mind’.23

This ‘spark’ had been stimulated for the previous three million years in ‘animal humanity’, endowed hitherto with only an instinctual consciousness and a gigantic hermaphroditic form. This period is known as Individualisation and occurred in the middle period of the Lemurian or Third Rootrace. It was one of the greatest spiritual events in the history of Earth, representing the birth of the human soul via the invocation and appearance of highly evolved beings who undertook the seeding of Humanity and its guidance.

These ‘kumaras’ or ‘Lords of Flame’ emanated from an evolution within our ‘Earth Scheme’ – they were not from other planets or star systems as is so often speculated, although those kind of intelligences have visited and contributed to Earth’ evolution since that time.

One of those remaining is known as Sanat Kumara or Melchisidek, The Lord of the World, also known as The Watcher, who presides over humanity ‘until the last weary pilgrim struggles home’, i.e. achieves liberation from this Earth sphere.

2 three races chronTable I: Timing for Individualisation, based upon the Vedic figures. (See author’s book.)

The humanity of that time was enormous in stature, though evolution has been refining and decreasing its size up to our present day. Even four million years ago, when the final destruction of parts of Lemuria occurred, there were still very large giants in existence. Indeed, HPB tells us that the infamous statues of Easter Island (about 30ft or 10 metres high), were representative of the height of the giants of that time.24


“They seem of one cast though different in features—that of a distinctly sensual type, such as the Atlanteans (the Daityas and “Atalantians”) in the esoteric Hindu books.” (HPB)

It is most curious how scientists allow a dimunition in size for the dinosaurs to the present day reptiles, but not for man. This is partly due to the ‘lack of evidence’ of physical skeletons, when in fact much evidence pointing to the existence of giants is extant.25

“Of all the mammalians, man is the only one whom science will not allow to have dwarfed down, like all other animal frames …”26

This is a key point connected to the period of six to ten thousand years allotted to human evolution. Because such a small period for human development has been assigned – and is believed in by the majority – it does not allow sufficient time to entertain the idea that giant humans gradually shrank in size over a period of millions of years – in parallel with the reptile kingdom. In other words, in Lemurian times, humans were at least the height of dinosaurs:

“But we can easily believe that the Titans and Cyclopes of old really belonged to the Fourth (Atlantean) Race, and that all the subsequent legends and allegories found in the Hindu Purânas and the Greek Hesiod and Homer, were based on the hazy reminiscences of real Titans—men of a superhuman tremendous physical power, which enabled them to defend themselves, and hold at bay the gigantic monsters of the Mesozoic and early Cenozoic times—and of actual Cyclopes—three-eyed mortals.”27

Almost immediately after the completion of Individualisation in Lemurian times 18.6 million years ago, the new Atlantean rootrace emerged and developed on their own, yet in parallel with the Lemurians for millions of years. It was in the Atlantean race that two-eyed sight evolved over a few million years, replacing the original single all-seeing eye of the Lemurians; during an interim period there were three-eyed giants as featured in the Greek myths.

The Mystery of the Origin of the Apes
According to HPB, human bestiality in Lemuria created an unnatural and unplanned linking with other members of the animal kingdom, and those hybrid monsters were the ancestors of our modern apes. Certain soul groups who were cyclically and karmically ‘ready’, refused to incarnate into their ‘coarse habitations’; they were ultimately responsible for the groups of humans that caused this evolutionary anomaly upon the physical plane – the so called ‘sin of the mindless’.


“The orang-outang, the gorilla, the chimpanzee and cynocephalus … have a spark of the purely human essence in them; man on the other hand, has not one drop of pithecoid blood in his veins.”28

The modern Orangutan is a peculiarly ‘human’ reminder of that ancient transgression and today these apes are getting much publicity because their habitats are being destroyed in Indonesia through rainforest logging. In this Fifth Rootrace there are certain esoteric parallels to the Third or Lemurian Rootrace. Indonesia like Australia, is a remnant of Lemuria.

Imagine if researchers in their various disciplines were to run with this one esoteric fact – that apes were created by humans breeding with animals, eventually proving it – and what a dramatic revolution in consciousness would take place in how Humanity view themselves?

Currently in most educational institutions around the world, the 5,000 year history of the human race is taught, and that it evolved from apes; Humanity has a far longer, more beautiful and divine pedigree, whose secret lays hid within the human soul.

After several million years of development, Atlantis became a race that achieved great heights in the civilised arts, sciences, astronomy, astrology and technology. Yet much that had been ‘gifted’ to the race by its guides (i.e. not evolved by the race per se) – was abused, creating a great crisis at the Atlantean midpoint of evolution; they were forced to choose between the way of light or the way of materialism and black magic, characterised by two distinct groups:


The Creation of the Earth (Popul Vuh)

“… those who were instructed by the “Sons of God,” of the island, and who were initiated in the divine doctrine of pure revelation, others who inhabited the lost Atlantis … and who, being of another race, were born with a sight which embraced all hidden things, and was independent of both distance and material obstacle.

In short, they were the fourth race of men mentioned in the Popol-Vuh, whose sight was unlimited and who knew all things at once.  They were, perhaps, what we would now term “natural-born mediums,” who neither struggled nor suffered to obtain their knowledge, nor did they acquire it at the price of any sacrifice.

Therefore, while the former walked in the path of their divine instructors, and acquiring their knowledge by degrees, learned at the same time to discern the evil from the good, the born adepts of the Atlantis blindly followed the insinuations of the great and invisible “Dragon,” the King Thevetat … [who] had neither learned nor acquired knowledge, but … was “a sort of Socrates who knew without being initiated.” Thus, under the evil insinuations of their demon, Thevetat, the Atlantis-race became a nation of wicked magicians.”29

The Mahabharata, the Old Testament and Plato’s Atlantis
Other Errors Contributing to Incorrect Chronology

This crisis of choice in ancient Atlantis led to a great battle almost four million years ago, epitomised in the Hindu epic, The Mahabharata. There were probably several other Mahabharatas but this was the first and major one. It was an important time as it represented the half way mark of Atlantean development in the fourth subrace of that Fourth Rootrace (4.4), giving birth at the same time to the very nascent beginnings of our current Fifth Rootrace, also known as the Aryan (Indian) race.


Scenes fromThe Mahabharatadirected by Peter Brook.(Highly inspirational!)

Krishna’s moving conversation with Arjuna on the battlefield …

Four million years ago, the Kali Yuga age of death and destruction was in progress in the Fourth Rootrace – whilst an overlapping Satya Yuga (Golden Age) was starting for the Fifth Rootrace, as depicted in the following table.

12 four ages fifth rootraceTable II: The Yugas of the Fifth Rootrace

Table II indicates that the period of 3,102 BC was the start of the Kali Yuga for the Fifth Rootrace and will continue for another 427,000 years. This date is one of the problems that has caused major distortions and misunderstandings for scholars and even Hindu pundits incorrectly dating The Mahabharata – out by four million years!

image022It was created from the earlier-mentioned point about Western intellectualism and British colonialism in India, that threw away the entire chronology of the Hindu wisdom teachings and imposed its Euro-centric view of history.

ALL ageless wisdom teachings are multi-levelled, full of ‘blinds’ and ambiguities, in order to evoke the intuition of the enquirer and to protect the Teachings from the ‘profane’ or those of impure or egotistical motive. Therefore,

“Yudishthira—the first King of the Sacea, who opens the Kali Yuga  era, which has to last 432,000 years—“an actual King and man who lived 3,102 years B.C.,” applies also, name and all, to the great Deluge at the time of the first sinking of Atlantis.”30

Again, because of cultural illusions perpetrated over the centuries in both the east and west, considering anything outside of several thousand years is a place few have wished to venture; it is a result of the Great Illusion that Humanity has yet to transcend.

Very soon after this great war four million years ago, an enormous global cataclysm took place, flooding most of the world, representing the first and most extensive of the four Atlantean sinkings. The fourth and final sinking was that of Poseidonis – outside of the Gates of Hercules, in the Atlantic Ocean. (Contrary to speculations that it was inside the Mediterranean.) Plato’s description of Poseidon’s fate as ‘9,000 years’ is a reference to this latter period in his time, given precisely by HPB as 9,564 BC. Yet because Plato spoke the language of the Initiates, it was also a veiled reference to the second major sinking of Atlantis which took place 900,000 years ago! 850,000 – 900,000)31


The Destruction of Atlantis (Nicholas Roerich)

The Danger of Taking ‘Veiled’ References Literally
This same kind of veiled reference can be found in the 12,000 ‘years of the gods’ in the Hindu tradition, not to be taken literally as many have tried to do, in order to conform to the Western intellectual imposition. The real figure requires multiplication by 360 to yield 4,320,000 years, the length of the Maha Yuga, sum total of the four yugas combined.

Likewise with the Patriarchs of the Old Testament, regarding the date of 4,004 BC – was created by Bishop Usher who added the vast ages of the ten patriarchs in the Old Testament together – Adam (930 yrs), Enos (905 yrs), Methuselah (969 yrs), Noah (950 yrs) etc.

In The Hidden History of Humanity I 32 it is demonstrated how 1,000 years of a Patriarch’s lifespan = 4.32 million years, giving the solution to the true chronology of the subraces that the Patriarchs/Manus rule over, also validated by other methods proposed in HHH. These Patriarchs/Manus are highly evolved ‘gods’ that belong to Earth evolution, though to some minds they may seem to be ‘aliens from other worlds’, such is their advanced consciousness.

These Beings hold the blueprint for a rootrace or subrace. Hence most of the subraces since Lemurian times come close to the figures of 4.32 million years. Yet they are not ‘back to back’ linear measurements as this would go way over the 18.5 million year total of consciousness evolution. The subraces overlap one another – one subrace ‘begets’ another and they have run parallel to one another, just as our Fifth Rootrace winds down over the next 427,000 years and the Sixth Rootrace emerges in parallel, it will ‘pick up speed’.

plato_360x450Errors in the Reading of Plato
Many investigators looking for the ‘lost Atlantis’ base their researches upon Plato’s description of Atlantis. One must think in terms of an Atlantean Rootrace that colonised land masses around the world, such as continents/islands in the northern and southern Atlantic oceans, north and south Americas, parts of Europe etc.

Plato’s description was referring mainly to the last Atlantean island (4th and final sinking) and esoterically to another continent much earlier (2nd of four sinkings).

Likewise, when researchers look for the (singular) ‘lost city of Atlantis’ as described by Plato, they will find it in many places, because this description was not only for a city that existed on the now sunken Poseidonis, but was a blueprint for many Atlantean cities, as evidenced near Lake Poopo in Bolivia, Sacsayhuaman in Peru, Carthage in Tunisia and so on.


Reconstruction of ancient Carthage.                  Artist’s view of Plato’s Atlantis.


Sacsayhuaman, Cusco, Peru.                               Ancient Atlantean city in Bolivia.

Some of the vestiges of landmasses from the Lemurian Rootrace overlap the Atlantean. Plenty of these Atlantean land masses still exist, many sunk beneath the ocean, whilst several are slated to reappear once again as the Earth makes its adjustments between our current Fifth Rootrace and the gradually emerging Sixth Rootrace over the next 25,000 years.33

noahsarkThe Atlantean Flood and Noah’s Ark
During the period following the first Atlantean destruction nearly four million years ago, survivors found their way to the highest reaches of mountains that had escaped the flood. Through their rescue by Vaivasvata Manu (Noah in the Old Testamant), they were to form a nucleus of a new humanity. Yes, there was a physical ark, yet metaphysically it is also a symbol for the womb of humanity, the themes of birth, rebirth and Individualisation.

The story of the animals boarding the ark ‘two by two’ was literal no doubt, but also an allegory for the scattered remnants of humanity, who were salvaged as one Master puts it, ‘in spite of themselves.’34 In other words, the recalcitrance of the erring Atlantean civilisation was deeply rooted in the ways of selfishness, theft and materialism. These ark stories are universal and can be found in many cultures under varying names.

image029Having collected survivors of the flood, the Manu retreated to somewhere high in the Himalayas, establishing colonies and guiding the nurturance and synthesis of these ‘remnants’ for a period of a few million years. (Starting almost four million years ago.)

Once the newer more sensitive human forms had been developed to carry the new consciousness expressed by the most advanced souls of the race, there gradually emerged into India the first (Hindu) subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.1); it emerged about one million years ago from its ‘incubator’ in or beyond the Himalayas. The Hindu subrace is the cradle of all the Western races.

The following table shows the three major rootraces elapsed thus far. Note that there are seven branchraces in a subrace and seven subraces in a rootrace, hence the expressions 3.3.3, 4.4.4 and 5.5.5 reading from left to right, denote the rootrace, subrace and branchrace respectively.

These are not fanciful figures but represent profoundly significant periods in time; they correspond with the Seven Rays of Esoteric Astrology, forces that through numerical resonance with the races, influence them accordingly. Note in Table I that the world is now at 5.5.5, reflecting the current crisis as we move into the Sixth Rootrace in the next 25,000 years.

This basic outline brings a brief appreciation and overview of the rootraces and time periods. (HHH-I provides many more details.) After the Hindu subrace (the ‘Mother’ of all Western races), four more subraces unfolded in the Fifth Rootrace. The races and subraces have enormous overlaps in time and a crisis always precipitates at the apotheosis of each rootrace. The world is at this point now in the Fifth Rootrace as the consciousness shifts to that of the next astrological precession cycle, harbinger of the Sixth Rootrace.

11 fifth rootrace subrace chronology - CopyTable IV: Subraces of the Fifth Rootrace

If the figure 5.5.5 is broken down, it represents the Anglo-Saxon branchrace, Teutonic-Nordic subrace of the Fifth Rootrace – moving into 5.5.6. The sixth branchrace represents a synthesis of all western and eastern races, particularly in the USA. USA ’s particular dharma is to bridge that which has been (5.5.5 Anglo-Saxon) and what will come in the Sixth Rootrace, planned to start in about 25,000 years in the ‘middle of South America’.35


Shamballa and the Rootraces
South America was the location of the original Shamballa in Lemurian times, from where the Lord of the World watched over and guided the fledgling race. Later in Atlantean times the physical location of Shamballa moved to near the ancient Mayan institutions, probably in or near Guatemala.36

Then, with the onset of the Fifth Rootrace, the focus for the Lord of the World working from Shamballa (the crown chakra of the world), was in Mongolia, in the Gobi Desert. No doubt the physical proximity was to help oversee the nascent development of the Fifth Rootrace planned to emerge from India (Bharata) – whose borders in those days stretched far north, east, west and south of where they are today. To Cambodia and Vietnam in the east, Iran in the west, into Tibet in the north and south of where India is today.

Hence there has been a different etheric/physical focus for Shamballa for the past three human rootraces. Now Shamballa ‘comes full circle’ and will, as the Sixth Rootrace emerges, relocate its focus over the coming 25,000 year precessional cycle – back to the original ‘centre of South America’, perhaps the original ‘Temple of Ibez’.

The Significance of the Ancient Egyptians and Mayans Today
Noting Table IV, the genesis of the Egyptians and Mayans is very ancient, no less than 860,000 years ago. Both groups came from a now sunken part of southern India (the old Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka ) at the time of the second Atlantean submersion, finding their way to Ethiopia and Guatemala respectively.37


Ancient Tamil Nadu

Hence the similarity of their esoteric knowledge, rituals, architecture, art, customs etc., not only with one another but also with ‘mother India.’ Both groups functioned as a bridge between the old Atlantean races and the new Fifth Rootrace.

Their genesis goes back a long way into Atlantean history, or ‘pre-Vedic’, which means before the first Hindu subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.1) that emerged about one million years ago. In Table II Asura-maya (note the ‘maya’ part) lived about two million years ago in the Atlantean period.

Egypt has been the repository and guardian of the world’s Mystery Tradition for about 800,000 years.38 Pyramid technology had existed for millions of years before that, likewise the science of astronomy, going back at least 3.24 million years in the Egyptian tradition:

“The astronomical  records of Universal History, however, are said to have had their beginnings with the Third Sub-race of the Fourth Root-race or the Atlanteans [4.3]. When was it? Occult data show that even since the time of the regular establishment of the Zodiacal calculations in Egypt, the poles have been thrice inverted.”39

Elsewhere in her books HPB tells us that the poles are inverted every 1,080,000 years,40 hence 1,080,000 x 3 = 3,240,000 years. Likewise, other popular subjects of researchers have invaluable clues, such as Stonehenge:


“The archaic records show the Initiates  of the Second Sub-race  of the Aryan  family [5.2 – Aryan = Fifth Rootrace] moving from one land to the other for the purpose of supervising the building of menhirs and dolmens, of colossal Zodiacs in stone … The fact of their crossing from France to Great Britain by land may give an idea of the date when such a journey could have been performed on terrâ firma.”41

Using this author’s established timeline in Table IV for the ‘second subrace of the Aryan family’ (5.2 Egyptian), then Stonehenge and many other constructions in Europe are much more ancient than hitherto speculated, up to 860,000 years old. Note also, these enormous structures were erected partly through the brute strength of the giants of that race:

“Had there been no giants to move about such colossal rocks, there could never have been a Stonehenge, a Carnac (Brittany) and other such Cyclopean structures; and (b) were there no such thing as MAGIC, there could never have been so many witnesses to oracular and speaking stones.”42


‘Magic’ here also refers to the utilisation of the science of sound to erect those structures:

“The cycle returns, and in the days to come will be seen the re-appearance of the faculty of the Lemurians  and early Atlanteans  to raise great masses,—this time on a higher turn of the spiral … They were raised through the ability of the early builders to create a vacuum through sound, and to utilise it for their own purposes.”43

This fact is corroborated in many parts of the world, where priests used mantrams or harmonious chants to raise huge weights effortlessly. For instance, the huge basalt blocks on Nan Madol were “transported through the air”, according to local legend, one that is repeated in European and South American traditions. “Tibetan Monks levitate stones by using an acoustic levitation technique with the aid of drums in this 1939 sketch by Swedish aircraft designer Henry Kjellson.”44 Likewise the power of sound was used to destroy:

“You have in the Christian Bible the remnant of a tale which has descended to us from Atlantean days.  In those days the use of sound on physical and emotional levels was understood and practised, being utilised for selfish ends in most of the cases. You read that at the sound of trumpets, sounded a certain number of times after a rhythmical circuit of the walls of Jericho those walls collapsed.

This was made possible by the occult knowledge of the leaders of the people who—being versed in the science of sound and having studied its destructive and creative effects,—knew just the moment to apply that science and effect the desired end.”45



The Role of Mayan Tradition in Human Consciousness
Another example of rationalisations that are used because of an inability to accept the length of given cycles, is the Mayan chronology. Many authors place the Mayans emerging within the last two thousand years. Yet the Mayans speak frequently about a relatively short time cycle of 5,125 years that started around 3,114 BC. (Note, this date is close to the start of the Hindu Kali Yuga in 3,102 BC)

The Mayan subrace has an extreme antiquity pushing back almost two million years, if its ‘bridging’ role between the two rootraces is taken into account. Various authors have speculated that the Mayans ‘worked backward’ to fix the 3,114 BC date for the start of their cycle – but emerged much later around 1,500 BC onward, depending upon who you read. These same authors do not even take into account some of the greatest Mayan cycles that go back billions of years, concurring with other ancient cosmologies such as the Hindu – from which the Mayans originally emerged.

Why have the Mayans come to assume such prominence in esoteric literature in the past fifty years? An approaching alignment with the galactic centre  of course, but also because the imminent date of 2012 is the end/start of a 26,000 year precession cycle.


Aquarius, the Water-Bearer (Johfra)

Astrologically, this will be taking place in Aquarius on the greater 26,000 year wheel, coinciding with the lesser 2,160 year wheel in Aquarius that is just beginning. A new precession cycle in Aquarius starting 2,012 will take Humanity up to the Sixth Rootrace proper in about 25,000 years time. As mentioned earlier, the seed location for this race will be in the centre of South America’’ in the area we now call Brazil but will probably include Bolivia and Peru by that time.46

The Mayan tradition points the way to South America and its role for a ‘relocated’ or ‘refocussing’ of Shamballa back into this physical area of the world. Here the Ancient of Days will resume his watch for the Sixth Rootrace. A ‘full circle’ cycle for Shamballa is nascent:

“The first outpost for the Shamballa Fraternity was the original temple of Ibez and it was located in the centre of South America, and one of its branches at a much later period was to be found in the ancient Maya institutions, and the basic worship of the sun as the source of life in the hearts of all men.”47

Hence the Mayan tradition, with its mysterious magnetic history located in Central America, functions as a bridge between the USA and South America, or between the rest of the world and South America. Central America has always played the role of a great meeting place for many cultures from the both sides of the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans for thousands of years.


Mayan Pyramid                                                    

As with all transitions between one rootrace and another, renovating cataclysms will take place and will increase over the next few thousand years. We are told that Britain48 will sink entirely in the next few thousand years whilst a large chunk of California will disappear.49

“Cataclysms of a world wide nature will occur during the next one thousand years; continents will be shaken; lands will be raised and submerged, culminating in the profound material disaster which will overtake the world towards the close of the fourth branch race of the sixth subrace.  This will usher in the infant sixth rootrace.”50

Yet there is nothing unusual about these events, they are a natural part of planetary evolution and have occurred in many other cycles in the past, particularly when a new race is about to be established.

atlantis paradise island bahamas 27“The sinking of Atlantis … began during the Miocene period  as certain of your continents are now observed to be gradually sinking …”51 Elevation and subsidence of continents is always in progress.  The whole coast of South America has been raised up 10 to 15 feet and settled down again in an hour.

Huxley has shown that the British islands have been four times depressed beneath the ocean and subsequently raised again and peopled.  …  Within the last five or six thousand years the shores of Sweden Denmark and Norway have risen from 200 to 600 feet; in Scotland there are raised beaches with outlying stacks and skerries surmounting the shore now eroded by the hungry wave.  The North of Europe is still rising from the sea and South America presents the phenomenon of raised beaches of over 1,000 miles in length, now at a height varying from 100 to 1,300 feet above the sea-level.”52

Forms, whether they are land masses or humans, come and go, but the consciousness remains and moves forward cyclically; it is the soul’s evolution toward liberation that is the most important factor – individual, group, racial, national and global.

Once Humanity understands the true chronology of world history, a foundation of understanding can be established that will lead to breakthroughs in many areas of human endeavour. Correct knowledge of time will then be applied to all the sciences and the mystery of the origin of the human soul will be unveiled for all. This is the promise of the imminent Age of the Water-Bearer, Aquarius.

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(Updated 2016)
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