4 Responses to Scorpio 2017: Sex and Relationships (Part II). Signs of Christ – Leonardo da Vinci’s Lost Painting.

  1. Michelle says:

    …nice one Phillip

  2. FAB ROGERS says:

    as usual i like to thank you for your kindness and your precious work. flyng philip fly, flyng up to the sky.

  3. suzanne b. miller says:

    An exceptionally illuminating look at possibly one of the greatest problems of humanity today. The idea that such as Weinstein are “highly evolved”, one to ponder…

  4. John Anon says:

    Thanks for your great work Phillip!
    The following quote from Alice Bailey’s “light of the soul/YSPJ” may of interest to some aspirants & students of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings who haven’t seen it. Thankfully Alice Bailey & Helena Roerich didn’t beat around the bush on the topic of sex.
    “By abstention from incontinence, energy is acquired. Incontinence is usually regarded as the dissipation of the vitality or the virility of the animal nature. The power to create upon the physical plane & to perpetuate the race is the highest physical act of which man is capable. The dissipation of the vital powers through loose living & incontinence is the great sin against the physical body. It involves the failure to recognize the importance of the procreative act, the inability to resist the lower desires & pleasures, & a loss of self control. The results of this failure are apparent throughout the human family at this time in the low health average, in the full hospitals, & the diseased, enfeebled & anemic men, women & children everywhere to be found. There is little conservation of energy, & the very words “dissipation” & dissipated men” carry a lesson.
    The Light Of The Soul (TheYoga Sutras of Pantanjali) Lucis Trust P199
    Compilation of quotations from the Work of AAB & H.Roerich on the topics of Sex & Homosexuality: http://www.mindlight.info/aab/dk-sex.htm

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