4 Responses to Aquarius 2018: Vital Fluid. Electro-Magnetism. Uranus – 7th Ray. Invocation & Evocation.

  1. adam says:

    Hi Phillip,

    Great Aquarius article. A few comments below, none relevant to astrology, but moreso along the lines of technology.

    Interesting quote from DK about gaps in the light spectrum. As you know, this electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is a continuum and there are no gaps, but there is a nice sized gap in our ability to use electromagnetic energy near the visible spectrum in the sub-millimeter zone between microwaves and infrared. This section of the EM spectrum (terahertz) can be used almost like a flashlight on molecules as such molecules will reflect this spectrum back. You can detect gaseous substances, for instance using terahertz. Although we haven’t yet gotten to the point of proving that the human eyes emit light (not biolumenescence from UV exposure, but real light of the soul stuff), I suspect that increases in our understanding of how to utilize the full spectrum of terahertz frequencies will be the birthplace of the technologies you mention in this article, especially as terahertz stimulates molecular radiation and therefore, when finely tuned, can stimulate healing of tissues.

    Also, with terahertz frequencies being close to infrared and some animals being attuned to seeing in infrared, this will also probably be the place where we find the etheric body vibrates and may account for the ability of some animals to see discarnate beings. I should also point out that the terahertz frequency range is the only place in the EM spectrum where sound and light waves overlap.

    Finally, I also liked your discussion of plasma, as this is the frontier where the +/- polarities in the atom break down and become dissociated, thus producing the leading edge of where the fire by friction disappears and gives way to solar fire. Fusion reactions can be created and sustained here, which may be where the next giant leap in energy generation will be found. I am not talking about tokamak reactors, but much smaller scale devices that generate self-contained torrodial plasma. The University of Missouri had developed viable technology along these lines a few years ago. Not sure where it is at now.

    • Diane Adams says:

      Hello Adam,
      Your notes are an interesting contribution to the discussion of electromagnetic waves and their frequency mechanism. The quality of blending of frequencies across the spectrum is exhibited perfectly in a rainbow. This blending has lead me to visualize the mental concept of the ultraviolet range of light which is contained in the upper end of the violet frequency as it fades from the human visible range. This has perhaps given me a minute expansion of the microcosm. Most new concepts begin with an idea.

  2. Diane Adams says:

    Hello Phillip,
    I am simply grateful to read your monthly Newsletter. I have been wondering what are your thoughts on the Comet 185P/Petriew which will pass by earth in the Aquarian Constellation roughtly 12 hours after the Leo Supermoon Total Eclipse on January 31, 2018? Do your studies of the History of Humaity have any correlations for coincidental eclipse events and comets? I, for one, hope that this will bring forward a higher turn on the Spiral for Humanity through a greater understanding of the Will to Good.

  3. Rosalie says:

    Thank you again Phillip, the effort you put into producing these beautiful, thought-provoking newsletters over the years is much appreciated

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